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Creative approach


My approach is intuitive, flowing and thoughtful; combining spontaneous gesture and the rules of the composition to awaken the viewer's imagination.


 I use wide brushes and solid or silicone spatulas, on canvas, paper, cardboard, and even ceramic tiles. Acrylic and inks allow overlaying and transparency. Tissue paper adds the texture I'm looking for and gouache, charcoal, and pastel add graphic elements. Earth tones, plants, mineral forms, and the natural hues of maritime nature inspire my colour palette.

The sounds of nature inhabit my creation and promote awareness of the power of life, the main subject of my work. The beauty, the harmony of the elements, the balance of the composition, the strong concept; I don't know why ugliness is sometimes beautiful, but it is… or it becomes it! As a trained psycho-educator, the knowledge of the human mind has convinced me that ugliness has its share of beauty. Like a conspiracy against misfortune, an escape towards pleasure.

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